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Brand Image v/s Identity

Conscience is the inner perception of objections to definite wish impulses that exist in us; but the emphasis is put upon the fact that this rejection does not have to depend on anything else, that it is sure of itself.

Many of us wrongly assume that the two – Brand Image and Brand Identity – are one and the same. However, that is not the case. They both are part of Brand Management and relate to your Brand, but there are great differences between the two. The first and foremost is that a Brand creates its Brand Identity whereas the Brand Image is formed by the customers and consumers. Brand Image is the way a consumer would describe your brand. To have a healthy brand image, it becomes essential to create a brand identity that reflects how you want to be perceived in the market.

Inconsistent use of logos or multiple logos at the same time, use of inconsistent colour schemes, tag lines which do not associate with the brand vision etc. might not seem like major issues to a brand, but canimpact the image of the brand that the consumers have.  While creating Brand Identity for an organization it is essential to keep in mind the target audience and also needs to reflect the brand vision and set it apart from the competition.

At the core of a Brand’s identity lies the Brand Logo. This is first image the people associate with your brand name and it should be uncluttered and unique. The tag line is another part of your Brand Identity and a single brand can have multiple tag lines. However, for idea at one point of time only one tag line should be in use.  Your business stationary should reflect your Brand logo and identity which means the colour scheme should be complimentary and the style and fonts consistent.

Your brand image is not only the sum total of your brand identity. Your customer service, product quality, connect with customers etc. all contribute towards the brand image. However, it is right that brand identity also makes a contribution to the brand image. Therefore, the right brand identity is essential.

Engaging Customers

Conscience is the inner perception of objections to definite wish impulses that exist in us; but the emphasis is put upon the fact that this rejection does not have to depend on anything else, that it is sure of itself.

At the point when brands build up a passionate association with their intended interest groups, the outcomes can go past brand dedication, forming into a profound individual association. In any case, how would you make that enthusiastic association through your marking? Here driving fashioners share their privileged insights for making extraordinary candidly captivating marking in a super-immersed market.

  1. Brand’s Voice:

I trust that the way to associate and enhance engagement with marking work these days is to praise the distinctions, grasp the innovation and let the brands talk their own special dialect. As designers it is our obligation to characterize brands’ voices. Markets are extremely divided thus the brands ought to be. We must form characters in an imaginative and eccentric way, maintaining a strategic distance from the standandarised arrangements and permitting enough time and assets to investigate each and every perspective and characteristic of the brand.

On the off chance that we can distinguish what makes a brand remarkable and manufacture over it likewise we’ll be succeeding regardless of how swarmed the business sector.

  1. Short STORY being conveyed:

Great stylish sensitivities speak to base impulses and a common feeling of taste. It is an association effortlessly made, however simply broken. In a soaked and progressively fit business sector it is ordinary and offers little in the method for separation or life span.

  1. Speak Up Confidently:

You likewise require an unmistakable comprehension of what it is you’re attempting to impart, you can’t anticipate that your gathering of people will listen when you don’t realize what it is you’re attempting to say.

  1. Deal with purposive Users:

We get a kick out of the chance to handle issues and make energizing encounters with their best enthusiasm at the center of the task. The marking tends to lead from the item itself and accordingly it on a very basic level unites and connects with the client – they made it with us all things considered! So my recommendation would be to work with the proposed clients as much as you can

  1. Be Undisputed:

It takes numerous abilities to manufacture a brand, focuses out Well Made innovative strategist. It’s insufficient to depend on strategists, we should be proactive in the pre-outline stages.

Not withstanding, we can construct connections that just as worth these aptitudes. Great configuration won’t settle a broken group, improper objectives or a trash item. Possibly some of the time we ought to consider doing nothing by any stretch of the imagination.

Social Media Marketing

Conscience is the inner perception of objections to definite wish impulses that exist in us; but the emphasis is put upon the fact that this rejection does not have to depend on anything else, that it is sure of itself.

7 Reasons Why You Should be Utilizing Social Media Marketing

Today more than ever people are online. Nowadaysover 40% of the world population has internet connection as compared to only 1% in 1999. The growth of Internet has led to remarkable growth of social media. Today social media is not just a social tool; it is also a marketing tool with so many benefits that if a business doesn’t leverage social media marketing then it might be losing some great sales and customer acquisition opportunities.

Some of the many benefits of Social Media Marketing are:-

1. Generates Exposure for your Business: Social Media is a great advertising medium. You can improve your brand recognition and expose your brand to the right audience. Also when your brand has a social media presence, it becomes easier for people to talk about your brand. Also you are able to track who is saying what about your brand. You can familiarize yourself with existing customers and acquire new ones.

2. Low Cost Marketing Tool: With Social Media Marketing a business can reach thousands of people for a fraction of the cost of Print, TV, Radio and Billboards marketing. By leveraging social media, you can spend less and gain more results. Hence, social media can help you increase your profit margins by helping you reduce marketing costs. It can deliver thousands of relevant clicks to your website at low costs. SMM (Social Media Marketing) is one of the cheapest tools for marketing.

3. Establishes Trust and Develops Credibility: People make purchase decisions basis trust. If they can trust a brand, they’ll be willing to buy from it. You can give customers reasons to believe and trust you through the image that you portray on the social media. Recent researches in the field of consumer behaviour indicates that almost 51% of Facebook fans and over 67% of Twitter users are more likely to make purchases from the brands they follow.

4. Improves Customer Loyalty: Earning customers’ loyalty has become much easier with social media. If you respond to feedback, make customers feel appreciated for their inputs and acknowledge the customer’s suggestions on your Social Media pages then you can improve and win customers loyalty.

5. Drives Website Traffic: Social Media Marketing can be really effective in driving traffic to your website. Someone who is already on the internet, browsing is more likely to open your website and browse if your ad pops up on Social Media platforms. If you are an online business and advertise your product offline through hoardings and banners you are making a mistake as the most of the people you are targeting are not out. They are in the house on their systems already.

6. Humanizes your Brand: Psychologically, people prefer interacting with people, not things. You can humanize your brand by showcasing real images of your customers or employees. People prefer to see and learn rather than hearing, reading etc. Affording bill board ads, TV commercial isn’t feasible for all brands. Therefore, Social Media Marketing provides a solution. Hosting images and videos of your products and services online is much more affordable and helps add a human effect to your Brand’s image.

7. Helps Connect with Right Customers: With Social Media Marketing tools it has easier than ever to reach the right audience for your product. You can select audience basis geographical area, gender, interests and age. So, you get to promote your brand to the audience that you think is appropriate target for your content. Also with social media the marketing reach has increased. You can reach as far and wide as you want with your Brand.

Apart from the benefits listed above Social Media Marketing can also help you improve your SEO ranking, improve customer service, develop and showcase a brand voice, launch new products and services etc. The benefits of SMM are endless.

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